Being able to go home at the end of the day having helped even one person is extremely rewarding and we’d love to share that experience with you.

We feel very strongly about the manner in which clients are treated and expect that our volunteers share the same philosophy.

We expect that all volunteers treat our clients with respect and compassion, and understand the importance of confidentiality. Every client that walks through the door is treated  fairly and with dignity and we will always try our best to provide every client with a positive experience.

‚ÄčHow do I apply to become a volunteer?

To get started you will need to complete a volunteer application form.Once you’ve done that we’ll have you come by for a visit to determine the type of role you are best suited for.

What type of roles are available to me as a volunteer?

There are numerous ways that people can assist,but here are just a few.

Packer: Volunteers help with packing bags for clients, sorting donated items and packing shelves and other general duties needed in the Food Pantry.

Intake: Volunteers check in clients receiving service. Volunteers in this role should have basic computer knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Events: Volunteers are needed to help with various special events such as tag days, Food Matters Month and fundraisers.

Administration: Volunteers assist with data entry, filing or clerical tasks as needed.  Volunteers in this role should have basic computer knowledge of Microsoft Excel and good clerical skills.