Retailers, Wholesalers, & Farmers

Our aim is to work with the retailers, wholesalers, and farmers to capture donations of good, surplus chilled and fresh foods, personal and household products for our Food Pantry. In addition, TEDS works with a network of non-profit and charitable partners across Bermuda to redistribute excess food and avoid waste.

TEDS seeks to secure and redistribute both nonperishable and perishable goods that are in good condition and can be safely consumed. If it’s still fit for purpose, chances are we’ll accept it.    

We welcome donations that fit in the following categories

Past “best before or sell by dates”

  • Close to expiry,
  • Damaged or incorrect packaging
  • Discontinued product,
  • Surplus to requirement,

**We respectfully request that you do not send food that you would otherwise dispose of.

Some ways in which the partnership benefits the community

  • Donated and at cost purchases helps TEDS reduce its expenses
  • Allows the Pantry to feed more people
  • Provides people with access to food they cannot otherwise afford
  • Ensure “fit for use” surplus food reaches people that need it most.
  • Reduces the cost of food and helps more people feed their families
  • Reduces waste

We simply couldn’t provide the assistance we do without the generosity and support of our wonderful partners from across the food and grocery industry, including our farmers, wholesale, retail partners.

If your organization is able to help contribute to fighting hunger in Bermuda. We’d love to hear from you! Contact our Executive Director, Clare Mello today @


TEDS will accept donations from members of the community providing they are nonperishable, in good condition and can be safely consumed. We will NOT accept items that have exceeded the expiry date or that are damaged or incorrectly packaged.